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Microwave passive devices
10x smaller, 10x lighter
At MinWave, we produce custom miniaturized microwave devices for
S-band to Ka-band, 10 times smaller than the conventional components.

Our Technology

We employ patented cutting-edge tech. to provide

Up to 10x smaller

We provide a significantly reduced sized waveguide components and assemblies

More than 10x lighter

Our robust design lets us use additive manufacturing with very light materials

Rapid production

Our unique design framework and prototyping workflow significantly reduces the design to product time


Ready for space and
terrestrial applications

MinWave technology is compatible with waveguide devices, planar technologies, and coaxial interfaces.  The technology  is very customizable and can be used to realize a wide range of microwave components for many different applications.

Space Applications

Today’s space infrastructure demands
reduced size and weight components, to
reduce the mission cost.

Terrestrial Applications

Outdoor units of earth stations need to be smaller and lighter for broadband communications.

Sample Products

Products under development

About us

MinWave is an EPFL spin-off

We are a world-class team of experts from EPFL, and our technology has been seeded at LWE at EPFL.