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MinWave Technology

Our Technology brings

Sub-λ wave engineering to the industry


MinWave offers custom solution based on patented subwavelength microwave
components, RF design expertise and metal 3D printing capabilities.

Feature 1

Ultra small

Components built with MinWave technology are one order of magnitude smaller than the competition.

Feature 2


Our design framework along with our 3D metal printing capabilities lets us produce ultralight microwave components

Feature 3


MinWave technology can be customized to build various microwave devices such as filters, multiplexers, diplexers, etc.

MminWave Technology

Patented & innovative RF design with superior properties

Based on our innovative technique, we developed a design framework to produce a wide range of components, e.g., microwave filters, diplexers, and multiplexers, with various features in an ultra-small footprint, based on customers’ requirements. For instance, we fabricated a filter at 10GHz eleven times smaller -and another at 30GHz six times smaller- than available market filters both in width and length while keeping standard compatibilities. The miniaturization potential of waveguide networks is even higher than individual components.

MinWave Technology

Additive manufacturing for microwave devices and systems

Additive manufacturing provides the most effective tool to optimize weight in systems built to reach space. The robustness of our waveguide technique against fabrication tolerances allows us to use low-cost, energy-efficient, and fast additive manufacturing methods. Accordingly, we have developed metal 3D printing and lost wax casting expertise to fabricate microwave passive devices with various materials (Aluminum, Copper, and Brass).  For each component the manufacturing method and materials is chosen to obtain improved RF performance and lightweight component.  Surface chemical treatment, such as silver plating is used for reducing the insertion loss and increasing power handling capabilities.